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If you are searching for realtors in Huntington Beach, CA, look no further. Craig Yeager and Manon Glennon are high performing realtors in the Huntington Beach CA area. Together, they form Team Yeager Real Estate which is focused on Huntington Beach and their business model is driven by passion and obsession for the industry as well as a love for the city of Huntington Beach. Craig is an experienced Huntington Beach real estate agent, who took Manon Glennon on as his partner. Manon Glennon takes her duty as a realtor in Huntington Beach very seriously, often times working around the clock with Craig. Craig and Manon are driven by the surmounting goal of providing Team Yeager’s clients with the most excellent client service in the business. Although Craig and Manon are very focused Huntington Beach real estate agents, they are proud to list their client’s houses throughout Southern CA. With great attention to detail and the best systems in place, Craig and Manon, will set your expectations to a new level, making Team Yeager the only Huntington Beach CA realtors that you will recommend to your friends and family. Prior to being a licensed realtor, Manon spent years learning from some of the top real estate brokerages in Newport Beach. Craig has been in the industry for well over 20 years, he holds extensive REO experience. Craig and Manon overall prefer to list trust sale properties as they feel a great sense of joy and gratitude as they assist family’s who are grieving loved ones. Being able to sell a family member’s home efficiently can sometimes be the final missing piece, in order to move through the various states of an often times very difficult grieving process. They can often be found helping sellers in Huntington Beach getting their homes ready for the market as Craig has been known to assist with items that improve homes, since he is a licensed contractor. Together, Manon and Craig reside in suburban Huntington Beach, with multiple rescue dogs. In their free time, they enjoy going on runs in the wetlands together and going to Manon’s family’s house in Dana Point. They can oftentimes be found walking their dogs through Huntington Beach Central Park.

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